Current Projects

Human development is impossible without adequate measures for education to all. The increased privatization of education and the shooting cost of its acquiescence have narrowed the scope of quality education for underprivileged sections. This increases the onus of voluntary sector in remedying the rising disparity. Therefore, the Foundation for Social Care upholds education as its first priority, which is to be achieved through envisaged projects.

The Foundation for Social Care deems health as a basic integer of human progress. However, it hardly found available facilities anything near satisfaction. Through its Hayat Hospital, Hayat Institute of Nursing and government sponsored projects, the organization is constantly trying to upgrade and enhance health facilities that exist in Lucknow and other districts of the state. In this regard, it has several innovative proposals in the offing which will take shape in due course of time.

1. Hayat Hospital, Lucknow
2. Umang Community Care Centre, Lucknow
3. FSC DOT Centre, Lucknow
4. SIFPSA, Jaitpur Block, District Agra, UP
  • General and Occasional Relief to the Needy
    Under this head poor and needy people are provided general and special relief such for treatment, marriage of daughters, fee assistance, etc.

  • Orphan Care Programme, Lucknow and nearby districts
    Orphan care remains one of the deep concerns of the FSC. Hundreds of orphan boys and girls have been helped by the organization in the past. Even now a few boys are being provided assistance in their education.

Qarz-e-Hasan Scheme of the FSC remains to be its first project, which was taken up in November 1994, in the very year of its inception. Since then, it has served hundreds of needy people by providing them short-term interest-free loans, primarily for income generating ventures. Although the Scheme is facing some functional difficulty for the last few years due to blockage of the credited amounts, however, efforts are being made to realize the corpus as early as possible for making it available to fresh beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, government norms have changed in the field of micro-credit. Accordingly, the FSC is considering formation of a credit and thrift cooperative society on interest-free principle.